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Robin Imaging Services started in 1974 and handles a wide range of clientele in and around the Cincinnati area. Our main thrust is the artist commercial market, which in recent years incorporates photographers, ad agencies, printers, trade show houses, corporate and industrial accounts. Our emphasis on serving the unique needs of each client has been the key to our success.


The cross-training and competence of our dedicated staff makes for a highly efficient workforce. No mid-level managers are present. Each employee exercises a major decision-making role within the day-to-day operations of the lab and the business end of the operation. Robin Imaging Services has embraced new technologies and was one of the first sites in the country to offer services for input, storage, manipulating and archiving images. With the advent of the computer-based imaging, the knowledge of the staff continues to grow in what has become an ever-changing and challenging photo lab environment.


In 1995 Robin Imaging Services was named "Lab of the Year" by Photographic Processing Magazine. This award is chosen on the basis of the labs involvement with the photo/imaging industry, its professional integrity, its support of the industry and the community in which it does business, and its unique way of addressing the technical and creative challenges of today's business. Above all, the award is a recognition of the people who make the lab work on managerial, technical and creative levels.


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