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Do you have a shoebox full of family photos you would like to digitize? Robin Shoebox Scans are an inexpensive way to digitally scan large quantities of photos from 2x3 up to 8.5x11. These scans can be used to make same size prints or enlarge slightly. They can also be used for digital slide shows.


What are Shoebox Scans?

  • Images are scanned at 300 or 600 ppi and saved as J-peg files.
  • Shoebox scans are inexpensive scans and are not intended to be used for critical uses. We offer higher quality scans if your work requires more precision.
  • Shoebox scans are not rotated or organized.

         We will scan them in the order you give them to us in.

  • Files are given sequential numbers. We do not custom name files. If you organize files into folders we will place each folder in its own folder on the CD.


What you should give us

  • Images should be grouped into similar sizes.
  • Place them in the order you would like them scanned.
  • Make sure all images are oriented correctly.
  • Do not include any images that are brittle, torn, have adhesive on them, or have dog eared corners, as these may get caught in the scanner and might be damaged.
  • Photos must be in stacks or folders. We cannot scan photos in books, laminated photos, or mounted photos. For critical color or high resolution we recommend our Reproduction Scans from Reflect.
  • Sizes must be no smaller that 2.5”x3.5” and no larger than 8x10
  • DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE FOR EXTREMELY VALUABLE ORIGINALS. We will handle your photos with care, but this is an automated process and accidents can happen. 




First 100 Originals

Additional Originals

300 ppi



600 ppi




  • Includes CD or DVD.
  • Additional CD $5.95
  • Additional DVD $7.95
  • Color Enhancement and rotation $0.10 each
  • Save as TIFF $0.05 each.
  • Folder Creation $1.95 each.



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